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Realme Smartphones: 

Realme is a Chinese-based company that is famous for producing android Smartphones. Realme smartphones were launched back in 2018 and now these mobile phones are delivered to different countries of the world including Pakistan. 

Currently, In Pakistan, there are tons of different smartphone companies. In an environment of tough competition, it is very difficult to maintain your position. Realme smartphones are giving a hard time to all its competitors as these smartphones are affordable, user-friendly, and have all the advanced features. 

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Realme all mobile Prices in Pakistan:

Mobile phone prices are not fixed. Every month we see a slight change in mobile Prices and that’s because of different factors like Changing petrol price, dollar price and Component Shortage ( Lack of some parts of mobile). If you are into smartphones, and you love to change the smartphones every next month then it’s important to keep a keen eye on changing smartphone Prices. 

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Are Realme Mobile Phones Affordable? 

Oppo is a Parent brand of Realme, As compared to oppo, Realme smartphones become much more popular in less period. The reason is Realme smartphones are so affordable for people living in Pakistan. These smartphones are specially designed for the average person who can’t spend more than 20,000 on a smartphone. 

You can find a Realme smartphone at a price as low as 10,000. These smartphones are not only pocket friendly but they have advanced features and great battery life too. 

Explore and check the Categories to find the best and most affordable Realme smartphones. 

  • Realme Smartphones prices in Pakistan 10,000 – 15000: There is a separate range of Realme smartphones that ranges from 10,000-15000. These smartphones are for the average person in the country. 
  • Realme Smartphones Prices in Pakistan 20,000-25,000: Realme smartphones are easily available within the range of 15000-20000. These smartphones have the best features and are great for the masses. 

What are the Features of Realme smartphones? 

Realme smartphones have become so popular in Pakistan within a short time. An average person loves to buy a smartphone that is affordable and has all the advanced features. 

Following are some of the most Prominent Realme features: 

  • They have great battery life. 
  • Needs minimum to get charged. 
  • HD displays. 
  • Bright Colors.
  • Latest Android System. 
  • Best Camera. 
  • Budget-friendly smartphones. 
  • All Relame Mobiles have powerful performance and Stylish Designs. 
  • Best Storage. 

Realme 5G mobile Prices in Pakistan: 

Realme has launched its first 5g phone in Pakistan back in 2021. Realme 8 5G is one of the best smartphones ever launched. The Current Price of the Realme 5G mobile in Pakistan is Rs 52,999.00. This price might fluctuate in the future.